Recommendations to Parents

These Rules and Regulations are laid down in the best interest of your child.

Kindly read them and assist your child to observe them diligently.

  1. Give your wholehearted and willing co-operation in all matters pertaining to the education of your child. Please abide by the judgment and decision of the Principal and the staff.
  2. Observe your child’s homework; send him/her to School regularly and help him to maintain his school work neatly.
  3. You are recommended to call on the Principal at least once in a month so as to ascertain from him what has been the conduct and progress of your child.
  4. Complaints, if any, should be made in writing to the Principal, and not to the teachers. We do not act on anonymous letters.
  5. As per the government rule, the Date of Birth of a student, once entered in our records, cannot be changed under any circumstances (By order No. 110117-1 (5)11981-82, dated 15.10.1981, of the inspector of Anglo –Indian Schools, Lucknow).
  6. The student who does not rejoin the school within three days after the commencement of a Term or after a major vacation shall be removed from the rolls unless leave has been previously applied for and sanctioned by the principal.
  7. In case of absence for more than three days on medical grounds, a medical certificate must be produced. The medical certificate should bear the rubber stamp of the doctor with his registration number. In case of necessity, the school has the right to have the child re-examined by a doctor acceptable to the School.
  8. If a student continues to be absent for a month without the previous written permission of the Principal his name, will be struck off from the roll. In case of readmission, all the fees will be charged afresh.
  9. Students will be sent back home, in the absence of a written explanation from their guardians/parents, for being late. The school accepts no responsibility if a child is asked to return home during school hours for noncompliance with any of the rules contained in this book.
  10. You are restrained from meeting your son or his teachers during the class hours without the permission of the Principal. On Parents teachers Meeting you can meet the teachers and the Principal without any prior appointment. You have to pay fine for not attending the meeting.
  11. For a valid reason, you may take away your child from the class, after obtaining the gate pass from the Principal. Students will not be sent to anyone else other than parents, unless an application to the contrary, by the parents, is submitted.
  12. In matters of evaluating the answer sheets and the annual promotions, the opinion of the Principal and the staff is binding. No re-evaluation of answer papers and reconsideration of promotions will be entertained.
  13. Answer sheets, except final Examinations, will be shown to you for scrutiny on only to assess the performance of your child and hence, no corrections or re-evaluation of answer sheets will be entertained under any circumstance.
  14. The Principal may punish a student in a manner suited to the seriousness or frequency of the offense, which may vary from detention after school hours to suspension, or even expulsion from the Institution.
  15. Please do not support the small lies of the children; it will lead to bigger ones later. Love them you must, but not without teaching them responsibility.
  16. Tuitions are playing havoc with the lives of children. They have no time to do any self-study; instead, they waste away the precious time for study, games etc. The growing up mind is being polluted in different ways. Hence, encourage children to form the habit of self-study; to clarify their doubts from their own subject teachers in the school and to avoid having parallel classes in the so-called tuition centers.
  17. Children are your wealth; students are our pride. As you love and care for them, so do we, and intend the best for them, so do we, and intend the best for them, so do we, and intend the best for them. Hence we the staff and parents should have mutual trust and confidence. Never let sparks turn into fire.
  18. Very often student bring to school such items that have nothing to do with studies. For e.g.: Mobiles, ‘Toys’, and Tattoos etc. Parents must prevent the children from bringing such things to the school. Please do not expect the Principal and the staff to do what the parents are supposed to do.
  19. It is a matter of deep concern that parents send children suffering from infectious ailments to attend classes or examinations. Such conduct would lead to an epidemic like a situation in the school. Please remember that we are responsible for the health of others hence, take note of the quarantine period recommended for a few different infectious ailments.
  • Chicken Pox – three weeks.
  • Measles and mumps – two weeks.
  • Conjunctivitis – one week


Though the School can do a lot for your child, it cannot do everything. The home is the place where the child gets his first education and training. It is the chief place where the character is formed and developed. Education only enhances the growth of personality and helps to discover the dormant qualities that are in them. So your cooperation is very necessary.


You are requested to help your children with their homework, prepare a timetable for their personal study and see that they follow it religiously. Our aim is to develop our student’s strong attitudes of self- reliance, and confidence with personal and concentrated study habits, to stimulate in the original thinking. Therefore, we would like you to discourage your children from going for private tuitions, which will make them lazy,  irresponsible, indisciplined and dependent.